no.363 Abraham Polonsky

August 27th, 2011 Comments Off on no.363 Abraham Polonsky

Abraham Polonsky

Money has no moral opinions. - Abraham Polonsky | ©2011 Artwork by Ong


no.344 Michael Arlen

August 8th, 2011 Comments Off on no.344 Michael Arlen

Michael Arlen

It is amazing how nice people are to you when they know you're going away. - Michael Arlen | ©2011 Artwork by Ong


no.342 Sarah Vowell

August 6th, 2011 Comments Off on no.342 Sarah Vowell

Sarah Vowell

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, Robert Lincoln bought a nice ski lodge. - Sarah Vowell | ©2011 Artwork by Ong


no.335 Guillermo Cabrera Infante

July 30th, 2011 Comments Off on no.335 Guillermo Cabrera Infante

Guillermo Cabrera Infante

I don't have any style. - Guillermo Cabrera Infante | ©2011 Artwork by Ong


no.225 A. C. Benson

April 11th, 2011 Comments Off on no.225 A. C. Benson

A. C. Benson

When you get to my age life seems little more than one long march to and from the lavatory. - A. C. Benson | ©2011 Artwork by Ong


no.221 Paul Valery

April 7th, 2011 Comments Off on no.221 Paul Valery

Paul Valery

A great man is one who leaves others at a loss after he is gone. - Paul Valery | ©2011 Artwork by Ong


no.215 Charles Lamb

April 1st, 2011 Comments Off on no.215 Charles Lamb

Charles Lamb

Here cometh April again, and as far as I can see the world hath more fools in it than ever. - Charles Lamb | ©2011 Artwork by Ong


no.193 Simeon Strunsky

March 10th, 2011 Comments Off on no.193 Simeon Strunsky

Simeon Strunsky

People who want to understand democracy should spend less time in the library with Aristotle and more time on the buses and in the subway. - Simeon Strunsky | ©2011 Artwork by Ong


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